Thursday, September 8, 2011

hello jelly girls...

I miss you all!!! Its time to post again.... :)


Friday, April 15, 2011

PSA... he he do you know what that means??

Hey Girls! So I've been doing some serious thinking lately. I feel like it's time to address the obvious... we are in a "funk"! It's no big deal, it happens all the time to everyone who is trying to lose weight. But, I think that the added pressure of the Bet is making it harder for all of us to get out of this funk. We all have had some pretty life changing events take place in the last few months and its time to re-evaluate our prioritites and get our lives back in balance again. Therefore, I'm calling for a hiatus... starting now, we are post-poning the Bet indefinately. I feel kind of bad about this, but it needs to be done. It's too much pressure for all of us to keep up with right now and I know we all have other things that need the bulk of our attention at this point in our lives. I hope this doesn't kill anyone's motivation... but judging by the lack of posting lately, I don't think that will be a problem. Now, that's not to say that any of us should be giving up! No, I'm not stopping and I don't want ANY of you to stop either!! Please, continue to use this blog as a place to post your progress, your frustrations, and words of encouragement for everyone else to see. I think this blog has been a great way for all of us to stay connected, since we can't get together and walk anymore... Thoughts?? Votes for or against the Hiatus are welcome... :) DC

Monday, April 4, 2011

WOC- Keeping it real

First off- Congrats to CL!! You got 25 points last week! AND were the only one!! Yipee! Holy point cushion batman! Now onto this weeks challenge.

Workout 1

50 Mountain climbers
50 Leg lifts (as in the Ab workout)
50 Push ups
50 Tricep dips
50 Hip raises

Workout 2

Run a 5k (3.1 miles). I don't care how fast & I don't care if you walk. Just get the miles in. Annie- be careful! :)

Workout 3 (max effort means, as fast as you can! PUSH IT!! Keeping correct form of course!)

Burpees, MAX effort, 3 min
Walking Lunges, MAX effort, 3 min
Plank Up/Downs, MAX effort, 3 min
Squats, MAX effort, 3 min

20 min of cardio.

Ok girls each workout is worth 10 points. Finish all 3 and you get 2 bonus points. You have until Sunday. Good luck!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh yeah, this is what Hell is like- I remember now- workout Challenge

So I have been a slacker. No I haven't posted your posts for the last 3 WOC!!! WOW- I suck. Anyway I still have them. They still count. No worries. I WILL eventually get to it.

Now, on to the issue at hand. ALL of us have been slacking big time! I haven't been working out as hard, and I know none of you have either! So in an effort to not get burned out- we dropped the ball... BIG TIME! Does that mean we quit? Should we just throw in the towel? Hells to the no is what I say! Time to pick ourselves back up, dust off our workout shoes, and start sweating to the oldies again. Who's in?

With that in mind... Here is your Work Out Challenge of the week! (yeah, I KNOW its WED... shut up, I am eventually going to get on track. Anyway that's why this one is small)


Set your timer for 15 min.
Do FULL on burpees, yep you heard me, Burpees for the whole 15 min. Don't stop, don't take a break, slow down only if you must.
stop. Stretch. Then do 15 min of Cardio- your choice.


3 x 20 Walking lunges
3 x 20 Static pulsing lunges
3 x 20 Plie squats
3 x 20 Push ups
3 x 20 Tricep dips

Then stop. Stretch it out. Do 20 min cardio- your choice.

That's it. No abs this week... cause frankly- I can't ask you to do what I am not willing to do myself! And there is NO WAY I am doing abs when my spine hurts like this.... so lucky us!

alright- comment when you see this.
25 points if you do both workouts. Nothing if you don't do BOTH. Comment on this post when you are done. So yeah, that's 2 total comments from each of you.

Go Jelly GO!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Commitment is the Devil!

I am a commitment phobe... I hate placing myself out there, because, once I do, I can't back down...


I am committing to running a Half-Marathon this June.
This is about to get ugly!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I will continue to go.....

Okay well who knows where everyone is, but I will continue....I will endure!!! (It doesn't sound as cheesy in my head)

So I still have my goal of running a 5k this summer. I have been trying to keep running segments in my exercise, and even though it hasn't been as regular (every day) as I would like, I try. This week I made a goal of running 1 mile without stopping. I haven't ever done this before, I think even in Elementary I walked a little bit. So today I just went for it, going in with a thought of I want to run 1 mile, if I can't I will just go as far as I can.

So I began, did my workout and......I DID IT!!!! I ran my FIRST MILE!!! YAHOOOO!!!! Me a 260ish pound woman running 1 mile!!! AWESOME!!! So you may be thinking, cool, how fast did you go? Well I didn't run as fast as I am trying to get up to mostly because I wasn't as sure how long it would take me, and I wanted to endure. So I set my speed at 3.8 and went for it. I finished my mile in 15:50 minutes! Oh I am soooo proud of myself!! Even after my run, I walked afterwards....just 4 minutes!! And started running again! It is almost easier for me to run than walk now! Weird!!!

Now since I have already met my goal of running a goal is to shorten each of my miles each time this week. So I will work on getting my time down on my that means upping my speed. Tomorrow I plan to try 4.0 and do the whole mile, and if I have to....drop back down to 3.8 again. But I think I can do it. Tonight I worked REALLY hard on not focusing on how long I have been running, or even how far I have actually gone. I like to count along (is this a "learned" autism thing?) and listen to my music, but I think I put in tons of mental effort. So anyway.....I just wanted to share....


Thursday, March 17, 2011

What has happened to us???

What has happened to us ladies?? Where has this competition fever gone? Is it due to our injuries, mental and teeth??

Are we still in this competition? Or are we calling it? Just wondering. I mean I haven't been doing as well with posting either but just curious!?

FYI: I have now finished my deadline on my quilt!!! ( that how you spell it?) and so I actually have time now to get things done....and am now caught up on my sleep....I had to pull some all nighters to finish it. But back to exercise and I really need to start working on my diet. I am eating less but not the right food. Just because it says Lean....doesn't mean it's lean.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I stole his computer!!

Quick! Chris is asleep and I've stolen his laptop for a quick update...

Yes, I have been exercising. I have been eating fairly well with food. I am also completely computer-less until the weekends while we look for a replacement for my murdered laptop. So, that means I'm moving my weigh-in day to saturday mornings... starting today!

Weight - 176.4lbs ... down 3? (I can't remember my last weigh-in)

Chest - 35.5"
Bust - 40"
Waist - 37.' (I am not doing the "belly" measurement anymore... cause its kinda gone! So my 'waist' measurement will be done at my belly-button every week, instead of the "smallest" part of my torso.)
Hips - 41"
Butt - 41'
Thighs - 24.5"
Arms - 12.25"
Calves - 15"

Now, my plan is to start doing my cleanse tomorrow (sunday) thru March 21st... Unfortunately, I will be having LOTS more dental work done in the next 3 - 4 weeks, so it will be a little touch and go, but I will be working hard to stay on track. I have set a personal goal for myself for the next 6 weeks: I want to reach a size 10 by the day of my graduation - April 29th. I am currently a comfortable size 14, so I've got my work cut out for me, but I want to look good for all my graduation/Disneyland pics!

I will be stealing Chris's laptop again later tonight to post some Lola's... I've missed the skin!! ;)

I hope everyone is still committed to this little contest... I know I am!

DC out!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have been exercising!!!

Yes I have come back from vacation and I am workin my new treadmill!! I just love it! I love to be able to just jump on ANY time of the day (10pm one night) and get in a good workout!! So happy with it! Ahhh it's good to be in the treadmill club!

Lets see....
My beautiful treadmill. It has taken up quite a bit of my living room, and I can't open my front door all the way now, but I still LOVE IT! I also love the window right next to me so I can open the blinds and see outside and get some sunshine in!

Monday I did week 1 workout 1. I did all the running, and stayed in my walking times, but my speed was only at 3.8. I find that if I have to run for longer periods of time, I need to decrease my speed so I can actually finish it!! I also added a sprint in!! A 90 second one. Which I can't remember if I need to do 2 90 sec or one, but regardless this was an improvement to my first week of running when it took everything just to finish! I ran at a 5.0 and some may think, dang that is slow, but for now it is pretty darn fast for me and I am a huffin and a puffin when I am done.

Tuesday I didn't get a workout in. :( Between volunteering, parent teacher conference, errands and working on my quilt that is due (tutorial on how to make it and pictures) next Tuesday....I didn't get time in. Oh well.

Wednesday I had saved my workout to after I put kids to bed, but then by that time I was actually quilting my quilt and really didn't want to stop...until my needle broke and I had to wait until Trav got back from the store with new needles. So I got in a 20 min workout, but I did a 10 min running session at 3.8 too! I love that if I don't have much time, no problem...just run more and you got your workout!
After my workout...I do admit that I did do some other things right after, but still I am in my exercise cloths
Thursday I did week 1 workout 2. I did the walking lunges on the treadmill. Which I must say that the lunges don't hurt as much as they used to. I did try a set in the tippie toe and that worked them more. I was also able to get in a 90 sec sprint at the end of 5.0 Also on the last two running intervals, I moved my pace up to a 4.0. I felt more of a workout and the best part I was able to maintain it.
Kimball's wonderful picture skills....all my picture takers are gone!

So as I have discovered that running isn't that bad, expecially the better in shape you get the easier it becomes....what I have learned though is:
1. The first running session is ALWAYS the hardest! I find myself wishing it was over faster and towards the end of the session my muscles start to hurt more even though I have already did a stretch.
2. My breathing is getting better, but when I try to do a set breathing or concentrait on my breathing, I find it harder to is there a breathing method to use? Do you do it with stride? Do you do a count?? Not sure.
3. Since I am not huffin and puffin so much as I do my running sessions, I am not as out of breath when I am done (meaning I think I can either up my speed or do a longer running session) but my muscles hurt more.
4. I can finish the workout feel good, and the only thing that I need to do is just finish....I feel good as I do my workout and I think I feel that runner's high as soon as a running session is over, but the hardest part is just enduring the workout.

With the things that I have learned....I have some questions....
1. The there a specific method or is it just an individual thing?
2. What mind tricks can you play? I find that I like to count as I am running. It makes it go by faster and it keeps my mind off running and doing something else. Where I do my running is in the living room, and since we have no tv, radio (I don't have my mp3 right now) and all I have is kids movies to watch, I end up watching those since my kids are in the room when I run. So any good movie suggestions that have good pace? Or a musical? I get kinda bored of the music, and running with it. But mind tricks, any are good. :D

So I think I am taking those first steps to becoming a runner!! YEAH!!!

Tomorrow what I have planned is the final workout for week 1. (I have missed only have 3 workouts to do in a week). I want to make a goal of running a whole mile without walking. I haven't done this since hmm....elementary...and even then I think I ended up walking some. But with running a whole mile, I want to see how long I can run in a stretch. Right now I am at 10 minutes.....I would LOVE to get up to 20 minutes of running but will accept 15min. So we will see.

There is my SUPER LONG post (novel) with some workout pics. How is everyone else doing? Annie is your knee still feeling better after getting those shots? And have you figured out what you can do to get the same workout intensity in? How are you doing DC? Haven't heard from you in awhile...I heard about your tooth....feeling better now? Did you get any exercise in? What about our Jenergy? Getting in your workouts? Finding the time? How about eating? I think we are all in a funk and just need to push past it! Hang in there women!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 sucks!

So apparently now that I'm 30, it's ok for my body to fall apart. What!? I didn't sign up for this crap! I just want to clean my house and not hurt!

I'm so frustrated. I didn't even fall or do anything that should have hurt me! I ran. A little. And now my knee is "broken". Ok so not technically broken but still. My kneecap is NOT in the right place and it moves. Kneecaps are not supposed to move to the side. Ow! I know, I've just barely gotten a glimpse of the pain that Lauren has ALL the time. I will never "me too" you again!

So in light of my ouchie, I've taken something of a break. Good news, I have dusted off my puppets. Bad news, no weight loss. I'm trying to watch what I eat more since exercising is mostly out.

If anyone has any exercise ideas, I'm open!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I am back from my holiday....

Umm Lauren you wanted my exercise tally....ummmm I did only two workouts last week...they were both one of your exercises....but can't remember which now. Then this week....Monday I did set up for a Relief Society Mtg...I set up 10 tables by myself and moved 2 couches, 4 chairs and 2 side tables (my biceps were killing me the next day). Then Tuesday I put about half of it all away, and then today I have done a small running workout on my NEW TREADMILL!! So basically....I get a big fat ZERO!!!!

For my food journal......ummmm.......ZERO!!!! LOL I was on holiday!! Okay well the truth is I am all messed up pyscolgoly. My mental health is surfering and I haven't been me for a bit. I am feeling a little better, but until I can get into the doctor (next week) and do something I am afraid I will still be kinda out and in.

But I did get a new treadmill last night. We got it from of their higher end ones. It has a google map thing that allows you to do trails anywhere that there is a google map. It sounds fancy, but not. LOL I did get a little bit of running in tonight and wow....week one starting all over again! LOL But this time I know I can do it. I am looking forward to doing week one all over again, I DEFINATELY want to do at least 1 5k this summer and more if I can. So I better get cracking....

Then I realized I haven't posted any stats for some time......SOOOOOO......

My last weigh in that I posted was on the 15th!! HOLY CRAP!!!

So for week 14th to the 20th:
Exercise : yes
nutrition: no
Weigh loss: 1lb (266.2)
No measurements here

So for week 21st to the 27th:
Exercise: no
Nutrition: no
Weight loss : 2lb (264.2) DO NOT ASK ME HOW THIS HAPPENED!!
No measurements

K now I am caught up. Behind on the pictures, but oh well. I have noticed that my cloths are a little smaller maybe I gained inches and then have lost them again or have lost more inches. Who knows!!!

One thing that I have learned....I like and HATE Lauren's workouts!!! KILL ME NOW! But getting those points and having the competition makes me move more and work harder. Even though I hate the feeling of being behind in points and whatnot, it makes me go. So I am looking forward to next week! :D

Welcome March......

***Pictures to come of me on my new "baby" soon to come....***

ok Jelly has gotten SO boring!

Just a reminder- today is the last day of the two week challenge! I want to get emails from all of you with workout breakdowns and why they were balanced to you. I know I have not posted points from the last workout challenge... I plan on posting all the points together.

Next week is running! Its the same as week 1. Annie, I know your knees hate you, find an alternate exercise that gives you the same cardio boost and substitute it. The blog posts points and everything else is the same. Good luck girls!

Also- where are the food journals? Have you all just abandoned the bet or what?


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Has anyone heard of bodpod?

I so want to go get this done!! It a pod that you sit and and they measure your bones, muscles, fat, and then tell you the healthiest way to work out the bad stuff. They do them at BYU. If anyone is interested in coming with me let me know :) They have other stuff they can measure there too but the bod pod is super accurate!

Here is a pic of the bodpod on the right hand side in the middle-

Y-BE-FIT also provides single assessments for the following tests:

Bod Pod (% body fat) - $20.00
Blood Lipid Profile (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides) - $15.00
Glucose Test - $5.00
Nutritional Evaluation - $15.00
Treadmill Test - $15.00
Skinfold (% body fat) - $1.00
Osteoporosis Screening - Full body $130.00, Hip Scan $65.00, Spine Scan $65.00
*Hospital grade, full body osteoporosis screening by DEXA is now available for DMBA-insured postmenopausal women (45 or older), only a $20.00 co-pay for one scan (please provide written proof DMBA will cover the scan).

Friday, February 25, 2011

Water and I are not best friends...

It keeps trying to make an escape from my body! If I try to hold it too long and i laugh, cough, or sneeze it's every water droplet for themselves! Can't wait for my body to regulate so I'm not running to the bathroom so much. Can I count the running as exercise? Say yes!

Happy Birthday to our sexy rockstah!

Happy happy birthday Annie dear! Happy things will come to you all year! If I had a wish then it would be! A happy happy birthday to you from me!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Since I'm here....

Well since I am still up and still online, I might as well post my Thursday progress....

Breakfast: 3 servings chips (I had them lying around, they are gone so I am good) : 210 cal
 apple: 60 cal
cutie orange : 40 cal
Lunch: 3 chicken strips: 400 cal (I was running errands all day and so I grabbed fast making Kimball happy I went to McDonald...I only had some chicken strips AND nothing else!! I resisted the fries!!)
Dinner: Buffalo Style pizza rolls: 600 cal

Total: 1310

When I was shopping today it felt like I had ate a lot more, but I guess I did a lot of eating with my know wishing that I could eat that, and this....but nope this is all I ate. I am planning on eating a little of chocolate tonight....not 100% sure what it will be but it will be 150 calories or less.

Water: 85 oz ( I didn't do as well with this, darn it all. Oh well)

Exercise: Week 2- workout 2
I do have some happy news with this...I only did 6 reps (I had done 10 before) but because it was late I just did the original workout. But I can definitely tell that I am more in shape, it was easier to do the workout. I did it faster and it was tons easier too. I felt like I could have gone on, but decided against it. Also my forms were tons better too. I just think it's amazing how much your body can change and feel after such a short time. THANKS LAURA!!!

Wednesdays mess.....

So do we really want to know how horrible Crystal did yesterday??? Well here it is.....

Breakfast: 4 1/2 doughnuts from Delight Doughnuts : 910 calories (I just couldn't STOP!!)

Snack: 1 apple: 60 calories

Dinner: Potluck : 900 ( It was blue and gold and I had a large variety of I am not 100% sure what everything was or anything, so I guessed a large number.)

Snack: 2 serving of FF chips : 140 calories

Total: 2010 calories

Okay so I went over!!! Oh well. I could have ate a LOT more at the potluck but I didn't. Oh well day over....

Water: 122 oz.

Exercise: 60 minutes on the gazelle (Lauren I did spurts of a "jogging" stride, to see how long I could go before I wanted to give up...I made it 5 minutes, so yeah I haven't lost everything! But I did several of these, just thought you might be proud...or at least satisfied)

On to Thursday....I don't know how much better I did in my calories, I think I am in...but wasn't that great of a "nutritional" greatness, crap why do we do this?? I am seeing that I am not as healthy as I think I am...and a couple pieces of fruit doesn't cut it!

Food journal for Wed and Thurs

B- green smoothie (kale,celery, pineapple, cucumber, and apple juice)
S- piece of bread and slice of Gouda cheese
L- salmon taco from cafe rio with beans
D- 3/4 cup cream of wheat with 1 tbs of peanut butter
S- glass of milk and two mini snickers

B- tropical smoothie (mango, pineapple, strawberries, banana, and OJ)
S-Three crackers with peanut butter (yes I desperately needed to go grocery shopping!)
L- leftover salmon taco with rice and black beans
D- 1/2 Costco hotdog and 1/4 cup of gelato ( never go to the store hungry! )
S-milk and a square of dark chocolate

Ok writing this out really helps me see where I can improve!

Food Journal Wednesday

Hi all! Here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast -
Egg Whites & Spinach (2 ew + 1 whole egg)
2 whole wheat tortillas

Lunch -
Turkey Sandwich on Wheat (Kneaders!)
Chicken Noodle Soup (cup)
Light Lemonade

Snack -
1/2 single serving bag of Potato Chips

Dinner -
Balance Bar
1 Large Bran Muffin

Also, I got all 10 bottles of water in!

PS- Crystal! You need to send Lauren all your Work-out Challenge info from last week! We can't get our points until you do. She needs more details than the blog posts usually show.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have lost it again!!! I don't know what happened, I was so stoked and ready before my Yoga class on Saturday but then after that, no idea what happened!!! Then reading the blog FINALLY I find that I need to be exercising on my own....and writting down what I am eating. To be honest I haven't been keeping that good of track of my food, which is probably why I haven't seem as much results this week, and thus far I haven't done any exercise!! I am telling you my motivation has gone.......Lauren I need you woman!!!

So here is my plan, maybe if I commit to do things, publicly instead of just in my head, and then come back and report.....maybe I will do them. I like the accountability of people expecting me to do something.

K so for exercise this week (Wednesday thru Saturday) I am planning on doing any one of Lauren's previous workouts. I would say ideally I would want to do more, but one is about as much time as I have. Then I am going to be counting calories, it's just easier for me to do that instead of WW since I don't have an active account with them. I want to stay in a calorie range of 1400 to 1600 daily. And then with Crystal's water challenge, there is no way in Haities I have drink 266 oz of water daily....well maybe I could but right now I can't. So I will try to drink the 135 oz to 200 oz a day.

Now here is the hard part....please people check up on me!! Make sure I am doing this! I need the support more than anything as well as the encouragement! There is a reason why I reached a high of 293lbs....I am working thru some issues of mine, but the thing I need the most is support and encouragement!

Thanks Ladies (and silent patrons) you are wonderful! I feel honored to be in this "bet" with you all!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So I have a very hard time...

losing weight. I can watch my calories, and exercise like an athlete, but I still never lose a single pound. No I am serious- I am not just forgetting what I eat, or over estimating, or whatever! I just stay in the same 2lb fluctuation ALWAYS. Months and months of effort always gets me the same result! I get stronger, or faster and improve from my workouts, but my body doesn't change! EVER! :( I am about ready to ask for weight loss medication! Cause its so annoying. Something has got to be wrong with me. It really doesn't make any sense. Anyway before I do that, I thought I would give it one last try- this time I am going to set a timer.... and eat all my healthy food (that I have already been eating!) in a more organized fashion. I am going to set my timer for 3 hours to remind me to eat. I will eat five times a day. Lets see if being this exact does ANYTHING.... cause I highly doubt it... here goes.


Quick check in from DC...

Hey Ladies! So, I don't know how everyone else is feeling, but I'm pretty happy with how this little contest is going. I've seen some serious changes in body appearance, weight, nutrition habits, exercise habits and overall self-confidence! I know that Phase 1 was good, but Phase 2 has been HUGE people, HUGE! I think most of the credit for this phase really needs to rest with our sadistic task-master, Lauren. I don't think any of us would have pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones exercise-wise without her help. I, for one, have really not only improved my overall health, but have learned that I can accomplish waaaaay more than I ever really gave my self credit for... so thanks LaLa!!

Here are my stats:

Weight - 179.2lbs .... -2.8lbs (bring on the YoYo :/ )
Chest - 36.5"
Bust - 40"
Waist - 34.5" .... -.25"
Belly - 36.5" .... -2"
Hips - 41"
Butt - 41.75" .... +.25" its getting rounder baby! ;)
Thighs - 24.25"
Calves - 15"
Arms - 12.5"


As you can see, I've made lots of progress, but I still have TONS to go! Literally... So I intend to keep busting my butt on LaLa approved torture sessions.

What is your Plan??

Now, for a little contest business:

We took a break from the food challenges last week, but I'm ready to get back in gear. I have a three-fold plan for our next steps...

Step 1: Keep a food journal!

Now, most of us are already doing this, but here's the twist... you need to post your daily food journal ON THE BLOG. That's right girls, the silent followers want us to show them what we are eating and if we really are committed to changing our bodies and lives.

Step 2: Drinkin' da H2O!

Each of us needs to be keeping hydrated and eating our calories NOT drinking them. The minimum amount of water each of us should be drinking daily is your weight in ounces. For example, I weight 179, so I need to be drinking 179 oz of WATER daily... that's 10 bottles a day. I'll be nice and cap it at 8 bottles (135 oz) BUT this is PURE WATER... no additives (except lemon/lime).

Both of these steps will begin WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 23rd... and continue until MARCH 6th.
They are both worth 10 points each, IF you do all 10 days.
Relax... there is a method to my madness...
Step 3: CLEANSE!!!
Let me say this upfront; this is a completely optional challenge. I understand that it is NOT for everyone, and I respect that. It will run from March 7 - 16; that's 10 days. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE FULL 10 DAYS IF YOU WANT THE POINTS. It will be worth 15 points; those who do not want to participate, I will come up with an alternate challenge worth 10 points. Why would you do this challenge?? It will make a HUGE change in your body; it will help you push past plateaus, increase your bodies ability to absorb vitamins, and master your cravings.
If you want to participate in this challenge, please let me know and I will get you the info. It takes some planning to be successful, so don't wait! (prepare yourself... there will be many many green things involved...)

Don't forget!

Hey, if you haven't given Lauren all your work-out info from last week, post it in the comments of this post. She needs them to calculate the WOC points that get added to the contest points.

Here's mine:

Monday - nada
Tuesday - TIght Tush (no extras)
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - Race (5 extra reps, rest less than 2 minutes during timed reps, did 75 extra lunges)
Friday - Race (zero rest, no extras)
Saturday - 2 Yoga classes
Sunday - Burpees until you die (5 extra burpees)

Monday, February 21, 2011

The link works now!! Deep cleansing yoga

Watch it and it will brighten your day! I'm reposting this because I think we are all in need of some funny pick me up entertainment. I know there's no points in it but I'm going to keep posting stuff for no other reason than I agreed to be your cheerleader!!

Post on it or don't, it's up to you!! :8)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hot Mama checking in!

DUDE!!! I'm tired. Hotness is exhausting. So, funny story first. Adam made dinner to today and then did the dishes. While cooking is common, dishes is EXTREMELY uncommon. So I expressed my thanks and Adam answered back with, "well, now that your hot and have options, I have to up my game.". Um thanks? I laughed pretty hard.

So update on my activity: yoga Friday morning and Saturday morning too. I heart yoga.

Diet: 100% (I love my blender!!!! Thx Jenn!)
Exercise: 100%

Weight: 137 I'm finally back to where I started (before "carb loading" (-2)
Chest: 33 (same)
Bust: 34.5 (same)
Waist: 29.75 (-0.25)
Belly: 34 (-1)
Hips: 36 (same)
Butt: 40 (same)
Thigh: 21 (same)
Arm : 11.75 (+0.50) guns are getting huge!

"Lady" questions

So, I've noticed a pattern with my weigh-loss and how it coincides with the monthly. However, I seem to be having issues alway gaining mid-cycle. When do you guys notice your weight fluctuations the most? I ask this because I'm struggling with the fact that the scale is going up and not down compared to how much effort I am putting in. I know you guys have felt this way too. I'm not so much in the burnout phase as I am in the "you've got to be kidding me rahhhhh!!! stupid scale, I kill you" stage.

I really don't think I need buns of steel. I'd be happy with buns of cinnamon

I may or may not of cried when I got on the scale this morning. It's a work in progress though!! Sucking it up and moving forward!

Weight-163.4 +1.2
Chest- 35 -.5
Bust-36.5 -.5
Bicept-13 Same
Waist-35.5 -.5
Hips- 40 (same)
Calves-16 -.5

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Burned out...

Well today I feel burned out. I was able to attend a yoga class with Lauren, DC and Twin this morning. I was planning on finishing my last workout, the running one. But I just couldn't get myself to do it.

This is me before the workout. I was feeling a bit low after Yoga (go figure, being relaxed doesn't mean your happy)

So I have spent the day sewing on my recent quilt. I have a deadline on it in the March, so I am trying to get moving on it. It will be featured in an online quilting magazine. I have been able to relax and just chill...not having to work and worry about points. It has been nice.

*** at this point I haven't read the blog at all...sorry. I will try to get caught up and what not tomorrow***

****Also this is my official entry into the fashion show, I don't have the energy or desire right now to make a video! Sorry Lauren, it was a really good idea and fun. Maybe I will do one next week, to be a sport. ****

Better Late Than Never....

This is from my workout on Friday. I was going to post on Friday but I fell asleep on the couch and enjoyed myself sewing.

I did the workout that required the stairs, pushups and the core workout.
I did a total of 10 reps of the stairs. It totaled out to be 100 sets of my stairs (that is up and down to count as 1). It was really hard! I did average about 10 sets of stairs on each rep and I got through it all by wanting to get to a total of 100!

Then I did the abs...hopefully I did them right, It seems my definitions of some of the abs and exercises are wrong. But regardless I was able to get in a great workout and I felt it all!

I did a total of 15 sets of push ups....oh it was hard, and my arms and neck (hopefully that doesn't mean I was doing them wrong) were sore for the rest of the day! With all my reps I made sure I got in 4 "boy push ups" per set.

Kimball watched me through this all and was rather cute.

I tried to teach Kimball how to do the push ups or the planks. But he didn't get it, I hope this isn't how I do them!

I was extremely sore already that afternoon because I was able to attend my first Yoga class that morning with Twin.

I was pretty happy because with all of my workouts, I got in 2 1/2 hours of exercise!! I am actually averaging between 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day. Hopefully the weight will continue to "melt" off!

I think I cracked my butt knuckle!

So, I was practicing my big "opener" for the workout outfit contest and I slipped on the stairs and landed on my tail bone, OUCH!! No serious injuries but it hurts like the dickens so I had to take it easy today. I was hoping we could extend the deadline for those video's since I'm not really up to filming today and it doesn't look like anyone has theres in yet either and it wouldn't be fun to win by default.


Workout challenge Weeks 4-5-6

For weeks 4 & 5 I want you guys to be your own task masters. I have given you lots of workouts these past weeks. But I really want to know if you can do it on your own. We have seen incredible body changes during our intense workouts- learning that intensity works. BUT its not the only kind of workout, and all are helpful. We need to figure out what our own bodies like and need. Learn to challenge ourselves. The goal here is weight loss, and getting healthy. We need to set habits we can keep LONG after "the bet". Setting a workout habit that works for you and your own body, and is something you can do after this competition is over, is part of that.

So I am giving a two week challenge. Worth 50 points. Your goal is to have a balanced workout week. Each week. I think a balanced workout week is 2 days of rest, 2 days of moderate intensity, and 3 days of intense workouts. (BUT its not about me and what I think.) I want you guys to figure out what works for you. You pick your workouts. You decide the intensity. You do it without me pushing you. You keep track and let me know why you think it was balanced for you, and why you decided to do what you did. Good luck.

Now, I know what you are all thinking..... FREEDOM!! YAHOO!!!!! And it is, so enjoy it. :)

No points for posting, or pics. You may of course post, but it is entirely up to you. :) Please keep track of all your workouts so that you may email me the details when you are done.

Now, for week 6- assuming you still want me to help with the workouts- I say repeat week 1's workouts. Running is a big calorie burner. Its hugely efficient in not only developing good cardiovascular health, but also in building your leg muscles. So even though I know you all hate it- I would repeat the running workouts of week 1 during week 6. Lets see how far you've come in six weeks of training! The points will be the same for week 6 as they were on week 1. I will be in New Zealand until Thursday of that week, but will check back in with you when I get back.

Until then


I am getting a wiff of.....

of something like burnout. Its the elephant in the room no-one WANTS to talk about. But I think we should. To be honest, I am not sure its totally here yet- but I think its heading our direction. At least with a few of us. Do any of you feel this way? Is the "bet" taking its toll? We are in that hard middle part of the journey. The excitement from the beginning is starting to wear off... and maybe the intensity, or structure, or pressure is getting to you; but the end is not yet in sight.

What is burnout?

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. As the stress continues, you begin to lose the interest or motivation that led you to take on a certain role in the first place.

Rather than do nothing as we watch our burn out creep up upon us.... lets mix it up a bit. Reduce the stress. Fight the burn out. Anyone have any ideas?

I know your next workout challenge is going to address this issue a bit- pressure will be lifted! BUT it will be hard in a different way, trust me.... I will post it later tonight.



Just a quick one...

I dont have time to upload the video/pic but....


DC is back baby! See you at yoga, girls...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ok, this like should work now!! "deep cleansing yoga"

Fair Warning...

I just wanted to give all you fine ladies a heads up....

I'm gonna busy this weekend

He he he hehe

Just wanted to say how awesome Jenn is

I'd like to bare my testimony, I know that Jenn smith is the true dominator of this challenge. She is my idol, hero, and mentor.


Annie Campbell twin Johnson pickle pie

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am wounded!! WOUNDED!! I am injured....I don't think I can go on! I think I am too sore to continue with this workout routines....Okay so I wish!!!
Please don't mind my obviously dirty mirror! But they actually look a lot worse in person, and sting like a mother! 

SO I finished workout #2...I was going to do workout #4 and get the stairs out of the way, but since everyone else was doing #2....I figured why not!

As you can see from my above picture the planks hurt me!! After the first minute, I put on a long sleeve sweater! So here are my stats:

Up and Down Planks: did a total of 12 (12 min planks) so only 6 extra. I wanted to do more, but my arms were burning too much :(

Then I did the timed trial. I do want to try maybe tomorrow or Sat or Sunday try to do it again and see if I beat my time. But we will see. My time was:

Yeah I beat DC time!!! YES!!! 

This is me REALLY EXCITED that I beat her! I would glance at my watch and think of hurry so we can beat Twin, then all I wanted to do was finish, so the last set I sprinted through it!! 
No extra reps for me. But maybe we will try it again :D 

If you notice my headband is completely wet! I decided to follow DC and use a headband! I used to work out with them in the past and I like it keeps the sweat out of my eyes! 

I think I'd rather keep the darkness inside...

Bahahahahaha!!! This is funny! Watch it when you are in a bad mood and it will make you smile... I hope ;)

Oh Dear....why do you torture me?

My love my love....the best candy of them all! It's that time again where you come onto the shelve and stare at me and talk to me. "Take me" you say...."Eat me" you say.....
I could bake you.....

I could put you in some delicious ice cream...
Or I could just eat you all.....


Do you like zuzanna as a blonde or brunette? Either one looks awesome on her maybe it's the muscles? Do you think muscles/hot body allow you to pull off anything you want? Wouldn't it be fun if LC was brown, lauren was red, and Annie was blonde? Or what if DC had a pixie cut Hehehe! Where's my color and scissors? You should all come over.

What?! I'm not avoiding my workout these are legitimate blog questions, shut up!

HOLY planks Batman!!!

So I know its been a while.  Sorry about that.  Crazy week.  Anyway, I just finished workout #2.  Um I'm exhausted.  I finished in 17:19.5!  Seriously so tired.  Since I'm here, maybe I'll update you on my workouts.  

Monday- Nada
Tuesday- workout #4 with 2 additional reps of phase 1 only and 1 extra plank.  Also, arms were up on phase 1 for ALL reps.  Last, I went to a yoga class that day. Total for day: 30
Wednesday- workout #6 with 14 extra burpees.  Total for day: 21
Thursday- workout #2 with 1 extra plank and a yoga class.  Total for day: 19

OUCH!! I'm sooooo tired.  And my elbows hurt.  But good news!! I LOVE my new Blendtec blender! And I'm finally back down to the weight I was when I started!  Before "carb loading".  YAY!!!!  Me need sleepy now.  Maybe I'll go use my blender.  That always perks me up!

FYI... I'm am flippin' weak this week!

My name is Crystal and I am a wuss.

Seriously. I mean, come on... really?!

Until further notice, I am stripping (he he) myself of the title DC. My wussiness is disgrace to such a cool acronim. I just completed work-out #2... it was brutal and NO ONE should be breathing that hard... that is just wrong!! I figured I'd have a rough week, since I haven't been able to push myself on the cardio (Hailey is super sick and hasn't been sleeping anywhere exept my arms since Sunday night), but I didn't think I would have lost this much ground.

Anyway, here is my time:

21.96 minutes

... I did not count the time it took to puke at the end... bonus.

I am hoping, if all goes well to get one more work-out in today, since I did nothing monday or yesterday... Everyone pray/cross your fingers Hailey gets better soon please... my figure needs it!

An Amazing thing.....

Oh I feel really good today....

Remember when DC said she hates the "diet" word and is trying to train herself how to eat and what to eat, to become healthier and learn to eat right? Well I agree 100% with her! I don't like the word diet either and I think that if you use that you are 99% sure to gain it all back. So I have been learning to cut portions and to eat healthier.

Last night we have Apple's BBQ (okay) for dinner and some chocolate. I could definitely tell that my eating habits have changed and I could actually listen to my body and know that I was full! I didn't need to eat more. I used to just eat everything in front of me and finish my plate. But I was able to leave tons left and felt good! And with chocolate after dinner, I only had a piece of eat chocolate (Trav got 3 different bars) and I was satisfied!

Okay so some might think, umm yeah that's what I did all the time. But for me this is awesome, because I didn't get to the size that I am today from eating like that....I would gorge myself with food.

Happy Crystal
I think I have a long ways to go to fully understand myself more and to get things completely learned but I feel the start of things, which is the first step! So I just wanted to share with everyone!

Green Smoothies

So its happened. I tried my first green smoothie last night. Annie brought me one to demonstrate her blend tec abilities. I AM IMPRESSED. With both Annies abilities of course, and the smoothie. It was good! Like YUM! and supposedly HEALTHY... double plus. Cool, thats all I need to know... where do I sign? How do I start? I am SO jumping on this train..... deeeee lish! :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bonus Fashion Show

Patrick is currently judging the burpees... His post should appear below, but I thought while he was reviewing/posting I would make another mini challenge....

I want to see your best workout outfit! *Interpret however you will* :) A minimum of 3 pics and/ or video. STRONGLY encourage both. Music playing in the back ground will influence judge positively.... promise! ;) Now lets have some fun.

I will be having a guest judge.... my little sister Mari judging this one- I haven't asked her yet- but I am sure she will agree. :) I want something that makes you smile, that makes us smile, that really says "fashion" to you... also- it has to be POSSIBLE to workout in. ;)

The fashion show is going to be worth 12 points... cause lets face it- this could get embarrassing! SO I am rewarding the effort with points. Plus there really is a message... when we feel good about what we are wearing while we workout- we have a better body image- which helps us channel that positive energy into "I can do it!" thoughts- which means..... we do more burpees.... or lunges or whatever. :)


And the Winner of the Burpee Challenge is....


This pic of Annie is hot off the press-- Adam just sent it to me. After serious review and a technical breakdown of each burpee, I have determined that Annie's burpees are bested only by the lovely and talented Zuzanna.

Annie wins primarily because of her amazing jump skills--did you notice she actually kicks her feet back? And, because at the top of her pushup she jumps her legs forward--that really increases the intensity as opposed to walking your legs up.

I will give props to all of you though. Burpees hurt so bad (as you all know).

Lauren says I should do a breakdown of each so here we go.

Crystal Blonde: Great intensity and that is most important part of the burpee. Don't drop your head on the pushup--keep your head and back straight and lower yourself until your chest touches the floor.

Jenergy: Love the jammies! That was classic. You get 2 bonus points for the jammies. Quick note on the burpee-- just because you do a nice clap at the top does not mean your feet have left the ground!! Get some air!

Crystal Goth: Good energy and you were pushing yourself hard. Quick note, jumping 0.00000000000019 inches off the ground is not actually jumping. I know you've got some worries (just like any 90 year old lady in a diaper) but don't let that drag you down. Also, increase the intensity of the push up.

[Another way to modify the pushup but make it harder than girl push is to find a small bench or something that is flat, place your hands on the bench and push up from there. That will put more weight on your feet.]

Annie: Awesome!! Great burpees. Now that you've got it down it's time to drop into the pushup and catch yourself as you go down. Let yourself fall the last couple of feet and catch yourself in your hands and continue down into the pushup.

Just think, after a few months of Lauren's "Why in the hell am i doing this will someone please shoot me now" workouts you guys will be doing pull ups at the top of your burpees!

Get some!!


At least it's not called a burpoo or burpup!

Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie in a bow...

Dude, there is just something about this video that makes me giggle. Can you spot it??

Did you notice the small peek at my backside? What's a little butt cleavage amongst friends, eh? Also... the belly flap... um, wow... that was disgusting!! It was just out there... flapping in the wind! You can't see well in the video, but I am NOT doing full boy style push-ups. My arms are far too weak for that! Twin wins that competition for sore.. I mean sure...

Also, I can no longer walk. Of all the work-outs we've done, nothing has made me as truly sore as my back to back thighs of death work-outs yesterday... warrior pose, you are my Nemesis!!

Its all on you now P!

ps- I don't edit videos. That would require a lack of laziness that I was born without. :)

I just made a burpee...



So, this really really sucks! I had to wait for Dave to film me but thought I'd go ahead and do the stairs workout before hand so I would make sure I had it done for the day so, uhhh yeah it's pretty lame! BUT I did it! WOO!

Workin' Hard

So I finally got my butt together and cleaned house, and then after bringing kids home from school I got my workout in!! Holy Crap I thought that at least 1 of these workouts would be easier...NOPE!! I now know why Jenn was curled on the floor!
I am kinda confused for the points but let me tell you what I did.

Phase 1: 1st two reps (done with hands in the air. This was a LOT harder than I thought)
Phase 2: 1st two reps
Phase 3: 1st two reps

Then after I was done with that, I did two reps of each one again. So I don't know if that is just 2pt for each phase or 4pt. So let me know.
Me after the can't see but I am sweating pretty hard

Then I did the 8 superman planks. HOLY CRAP SUPERMAN! My triceps are burning!! And then my quads from all those squats and kicks.
Me watching my clock...seein when to start the next round of planks

Nathan wanted to take a picture with me, instead of taking them   

YEAH another workout done and in the books!! I kinda hope that I can get in 2 workouts tomorrow...I am thinking maybe the stairs and then something else. I would like to do Yoga but we will see.